Adopted parents in Vietnam

Adopted parents: Komuro Chieko (Kanagawa)
Adopted child: Nhan, a 5th grader in Ham Tan district, Binh Thuan province
Family background: parents divorced. Working mother raises 3 children. Mom works as a hired worker every day, so even though she tries her best, her income is very little. Feeding 3 children was also quite difficult. Thanks to the scholarship money, the child was able to go to school.
Photo: the principal, Nhan and her mother.

Adopted parents : Fukuichi Michiko (Tokyo)
Adopted child: Nhi lives in HCMC. Hearing loss.
Current: 1st year college student
After graduating from high school, I studied Graphic Design in Binh Chanh District, HCMC
Photo: Nhi and her teacher in high school.

Adopted parents: Komuro Chieko (Tokyo)
Adopted child: Dai, in Go Quao district, Kien Giang province
Photo: Dai, the principal

Adopted parents : Yumiko Baba (Tokyo)
Adopted child: 2 sisters who are both deaf
Elder Sister: Trang – graduated from Vocational School of Informatics
Younger sister: Quyen – a high school student at Anh Minh special school